RFQ of hot melt thread

RFQ of hot melt thread

Q: What is hot melt thread?

A: Polyester veneer glue thread hot melt thread is a linear connection made by heating the molten polymer .

Q: How to use hot melt thread?

A: When binding books ,the temperature reaches a certain degree can melt and bonding the paper .

Q: What’s hot melt thread’s materials?

A: Hot melt line is made by two main materials of polyester and nylon.
Polyester melting point is 110-120°C
Nylon melting point is 85-90°C.

Q: What’s hot melt thread’s spec?

A: Specifications:20D,30D,50D,100D,150D/3 and so on.
It can be order according to the guest's demand.
Hot-melt line linking books is an advanced technology.

Q: The advantages about hot melt thread?

A: Line and cloth can stick together, but due to various reasons ,so far it has not been attention and popularity.
if it can be widely used ,it can replace the essence, paperback sewing ,book sewing ,wire sewing etc ,thus saving a lot of manpower, material resources.
   The articles with hot melt wire woven is very bottled fixed and not easy to deformation

Q: What are the advantages about hot melt thread?

A: Hot melt thread is widely used in knitting, clothing, car upholstery, carbon fiber unidirectional cloth fabric ,basalt fiber ,glass fiber, aramid fiber fabric warp and weft hot-melt fixed.